What actually is iron foundry?

As far as the foundry is concerned, it is an industry or a factory that produces metal castings; the metal castings formed in the foundry include cats iron, brass, steel, magnesium, aluminum and many others

Definition of an iron foundry:

An iron foundry is referred to a factory that is indulged in making casting steel for multiple purposes and various shapes and sizes, all made using casting metal.

Processes carried out in the foundry:

There are three main processes that are carried out in the foundry which is responsible of dealing with cats iron. They are as follows:

· Melting the raw material:

The raw material which in this case is the iron that is melted in a furnace before it can be molded into other casts. A suitable furnace is chosen according to the requirement of the grade of the iron. A specific temperature is maintained and the iron is melted.

· Casting of the iron:

The melted iron is then poured into specific molds. The mold can be of any shape and size. Once the melted iron is poured in it, it is allowed to cool down and solidify.

· Removal of the cast:

After the melted iron has solidified, the cast s removed leaving behind the solidified material only.

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